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I hate these places.They destroy everything that is good about human sexuality and reduce it to body parts on a dying shell.

“F” Bobby Flay!

Overheard in The Morse Kitchen   "Honey, I was watching the Food Network, and Bobby Flay made these great burgers, he put them in a bowl, then added some…." "First of all, Fuck Bobby Flay. Second, I make the burgers around here, and don't need no Food Network Stars telling me how to make em!" […]


Sometimes we think that because we are firefighters we are invincible. But look at what happened in North Kingston.

Armed and Dangerous

If we arm firefighters and paramedics who will be responsible for patient care? When a Deputy Sherrif is disarmed and shot in the leg in an emergency room –  a man whose only job is to keep the prisoner under guard and everybody else safe – how can we expect firefighters and EMT's to do […]

Another Philosophical Friday

By doing what we are trained to do, performing the tasks that we practice, and study and perfect we are given the opportunity to profoundly effect the lives of people that we will in all likelihood never see again. But because we will not be in their presence, our presence will be with them for […]

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