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Last Day!

Entry Img   Okay gang, I've thrilled you and chilled you, maybe bored you too (what the heck this is a blog, not a newspaper,) here for seven years and never asked for nuttin. So here goes: Please help. Mr. Wilson came into our lives through an unbelievable network of people who dedicate their time, money […]


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Stopping the bleeding, starting the heart, getting the stick, sinking the tube…for me, that's the easy part. Witnessing a teenaged girl who lives in the midst of crackheads, whores and thieves break down in frustration, and doing my best to pull it together during a ten minute transport, not so much.

Glass and Needles

We docked the boat, secured it, grabbed our stuff and went to get lunch on the deck overlooking Narragansett Bay. The Newport Bridge looms large on the horizon, its majestic silhouette one of the things I love about Rhode Island. Enlisted men and women, contractors and visitors shared the space, and it was a pleasant […]

Talk About It

Entry Img The cable guy was finishing up after having spent a few hours in my house. It's tough not to figure things out about a person when you are on the inside. When I spend a few minutes in a person's home, I could write a book about them. I'd have to make a lot […]


The man who reportedly opened fire at a Washington DC. Navy yard had clearance to be there, Thirteen, mental illness, guns, ammo, security, psych drugs, hearing voices, conservatives, activists, gun lobby, anti gun lobby, clearance, shot, dead… He was a civilian contractor, Guns, civil rights, bullets, conservatives, agenda, second amendment, NRA, dead, shots, NAVY, civilians, […]


I don't know who is shooting up the shipyard in DC, so far four are dead, 2 cops injured and the area is "sheltering in place." Might be time to seriously consider taking guns away from the people. "The People" can't handle them. Might actually be a soldier doing the shooting, so it will be […]

Big Fun

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  The cost to the taxpayers of cities that licence businesses that cater to such tomfollery as "Schmacked," is staggering. Providence Rescues are tied up for hours catering to drunken college kids who need medical attention, sometimes for cuts and bruises, often for extreme intoxication, and every now and then for something truly life-threatening or […]

Friday the 13th…

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Here's a rundown of the last time Friday the 13th came knocking. I kept a running log for the thirty-four hour shift… 0710 hrs. Ten minutes in, patient # 1, forty eight year old female struck by tractor-trailer while exiting Rt. 95. As an added bonus, pt's vehicle struck again by different tractor- trailer minutes […]

Campfire Tour, 2013

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Time to fire up the backyard fire pits, enjoy a beverage of your choice, take advantage of the recently decriminalized marijuana laws if they apply, tune up the old six string and sit a spell. Nothing like a crisp fall evening, a campfire and some easy to play melodies. This year, I've been working hard […]

Moment of Silence

The world had changed, and I changed with it. The deafening silence from nearby TF Green (Providence) State Airport wore on me, made me hate the quiet. My world was shattered, the sound of airliners was gone, the hum of small aircraft gone, nothing in the air, nothing to break the heartbreaking silence since the […]

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