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Up Late, Up Early

Here's to all of the parents who let their kids stay up late and watch the Red Sox win the World Series! And here's to all of those parents who made their kids go to school today, and bask in that indescribable mix between exhaution and exhileration, and wear their tired faces like a badge […]

Jumping in the Barrel

It’s crazy how often I have been summoned to a nuthouse. Crazier still how often the nuthouse can be returned to order simply by not joining the fun. Just because people are acting like monkeys doesn’t mean I have to jump in the barrel. People call 911 when things have blossomed out of their control. […]

On a Whim…

I have an idea forming in my head… We expand our initials from EMS to include MMS and become Mobile Medical Services, except for emergencies, then we will can keep the EMS, hence the Emergency in Emergency Medical Services, thus eliminating the burnout many EMT's and Paramedics experience from being trained to treat cardiac arrest […]


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Have you ever been talking to somebody and just know that they are not listening to a word you are saying? Better yet, how often have you talked with somebody and their listening skills were remarkable? Even better, how well do you listen? Listening is not easy for me. It is something I have to […]


and then there was the boy with bruises on his legs, and a head that just didn’t look right, and a mother holding him, standing in front of a dark home at three in the morning, cold wind blowing trash from the gutter, swirling around them when we arrive, lights flashing, lighting the outside of […]


Life is hard, even harder for the people who are suffering. But imagine life with nobody who cared, nobody who answered the phone when you dialed 911, nobody to come to your home whenever you need them, and help you, and care about you, and give you, or get you to the help you need. […]

Dead Old Guys

When I get an extra minute I like to visit some different EMS sites, one that I haven't been to in a while is always interesting. So-I'm flipping through some older posts, one caught my eye, something to do with how to do well in a job interview and lo and behold, there it […]

Interns at EMS 1

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Dr. Francis Sullivan is a prominent ER doc in Rhode Island Hospital, as well as the guy who greets and indoctrinates the new interns at the Brown University Alpert Medical School’s emergency medicine program. Dr. Sullivan sets up ambulance ride-alongs for the new interns every July. It’s a great program; we get to know the […]

Chapter 20, Responding

The Kindle version of Responding is now available at  I think you will enjoy it, so take a trip to Amazon and give it a read! Here's an excerpt from the book, we are about thirty hours into a thirty-eight hour shift at this point in the story. Chapter 20      “That guy […]

Top Ten Reasons to Download the Kindle Book, “Responding”

Entry Img 10. Because everybody else is going to  9. The whole world is talking about it! 8. It's only $7.99 7. The secret of life is revealed within 6. It's a darn good book 5. When somebody asks you, "Hey, have you read the book Responding?" You can say, no but it's on my Kindle […]

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