Top Ten Reasons to Download the Kindle Book, “Responding”

10. Because everybody else is going to  RespondingImage1-208x300

9. The whole world is talking about it!

8. It's only $7.99

7. The secret of life is revealed within

6. It's a darn good book

5. When somebody asks you, "Hey, have you read the book Responding?" You can say, no but it's on my Kindle

4. If you don't have a Kindle, any device will do

3. Because it is there

2. You can set your alarm to go off once an hour for thirty-eight hours, wake up, read a little, fall back asleep and do it again, just like in the book!

And the number 1 reason to download the Kindle version of Responding…the pages don't get coffee stains on them

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  • Mr618 says:

    Ya missed a few:

    14. It gives his faithful readers a chance to bust his stones a bit  🙂

    13. The good Captain gets a (small… very small) pittance of a royalty

    12. It's ecologically friendly – no trees were killed (although countless billions of electrons were irretrievably confused…)

    11. It's impossible to autograph, thereby saving Capt Morse from writers cramp

    …and the REAL number 1 reason: it's one of the better books written about the emergency services. Ever.


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