On a Whim…

I have an idea forming in my head…

We expand our initials from EMS to include MMS and become Mobile Medical Services, except for emergencies, then we will can keep the EMS, hence the Emergency in Emergency Medical Services, thus eliminating the burnout many EMT's and Paramedics experience from being trained to treat cardiac arrest and trauma (real trauma) yet find themselves treating the chronically intoxicated, depressed, sick and tired population; have fire departments manage the EMS and contract the MMS to private companies who will be under contractual obligation to assess and/or treat those who call for help, and we can expand the MMS to include visiting nurses, first aid, assessment and opinions and bill accordingly, and for those who cannot pay, well, thems the breaks, hopefully Obamacare will straighen that problem out, but I'm not holding my breath; we might even put a doctor or two on the rig, and when the FD unions go buggy we tell them tough toenails, you've been riding the coattails of EMS long enough, run wise, and the firefighters will be happy because they will be able to focus on fighting fires again, and have a medical emergency that they can respond to now and then instead of responding to every Tom, Dick and Hairy who calls 911 now and now and now, and now  and on and on, and the people working for the private MMS companies will be happy because they will know what to expect when they come to work and the patients will be happy because when they call for help nobody is going to say, "You called us for what???"

The way things in EMS are I can't help but think the whole system was developed just like this. On a whim.



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