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Phoenix Society’s World Burn Congress, Providence, RI

Firefighters. Victims. Representatives from both groups spoke at the World Burn Conference in Providence (RI) yesterday, and their stories are both horrifying and inspirational.A burn is by far the most painful injury I have ever sustained, and most of the dozen or so burns that I suffered were little things, annoyances mostly, and the pain […]


He said she didn't give him his medications, she said she did. After twenty-seven years of marriage, it had come to this. For the last seven years she was his caretaker. He was confined to his bed for the most part, three heart attacks and a stroke rendering him disabled. It looked like she was […]


Back in the day things were different. We couldn't get in trouble because we had to be in when the streetlights came on… "At least it wasn't a rock," I thought when the sting died down. An acorn to the forehead hurts plenty though. One of The Zola's caught me beside the garage and made […]

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