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Our good friend Ethyl Alcohol is ready to infiltrate the body mind and spirit of those who suffer from alcoholism, making their lives a contradiction of joy and despair. The holiday season amplifies the need to imbibe, and pushes away the urge to resist. For most the pleasant buzz from the ingestion of a cocktail […]

Black Friday Sale!

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                                                                    Slightly damaged condoms, 1/2 off!


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Sometimes I ask myself if my decision to branch my fire service career toward EMS was worth it. Then I remember…   The hour is late, and the life of the man whose dying breaths fill the room is going to end soon. His agonal respirations prompted one of the family to call 911, hoping […]

Shameless Self-promotion – Grand Finale (honest)

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Behind the Patient: Street Portraits by Michael Morse   Responding: 38 hours in Providence "The triage area is out of control. People with assorted injuries occupy twenty of the stretchers that fill the room, some on spine boards with cervical collars around their necks, others just lying on the stretchers"       inShare1   […]

Dusty Glass

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"So now he is a legend, when he would have prefered to be a man." Jaqueline Kennedy Eight men have been President since John F. Kennedy was assisnated fifty years ago on November 22, 1963. I have been alive for all of their presidencies, and had trouble remembering all but the last two or three. […]


Some medics carry a been there done that attitude like a badge of honor, and never get excited, and just do the job and look down on people who thrive in maddness. Not me. Call me an adrenaline junkie. I won't disagree. I love mayhem, being right in the middle of it, that is when […]

Responding in Fire Engineering

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  Fire Engineering has an excerpt from my book, Responding on their web-page, it is available on paper or as an e-book, which you can get here: Thanks again for reading, and I hope you buy the book!

Veterans Day, 2013

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Michael Morse: Uncle Tony made it home November 11, 2013 01:00 AM          13  6 +10  0  0  0 By Michael Morse   Uncle Tony sat in a lawn chair, watching, a content man approaching his 91st year. He didn’t know that I was mesmerized by his presence, inspired by his courage […]

Getting Better

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Here's a bit of advice for anybody new to the Fire/EMS world: Always get better. Do it for yourself, do it for the people you serve, and do it because there is no reason not to. Everybody has something to learn. Everybody benefits from other people who put some effort into whatever it is they […]


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Okay ladies and germs, if you think it's easy being a sports fan around here, consider this: I missed the first part of the Red Sox World Series run because I was too busy watching the Bruins come within a game of winning The Stanley Cup, now, somehow, the Patriots, who should have stunk what […]

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