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Top 5 Favorite calls 5. Cardiac Arrest      There is little as gratifying in EMS or anywhere as witnessing  the straight line showing life, and the feel of a pulse while working a code. 4. GSW      Yeah, I'm a ding, call me a rookie all you like, but I love reponding to shootings. The […]

Leadership Vacuum

At one end of the EMS spectrum we have Community Paramedicine. Not a bad idea, probably a great idea for areas that are underserved by our present health care system and have underutilized resourses, ie. medics hanging around waiting for calls. At the other end we have Tactical EMS. During active shooter incidents […]

Cheers By Michael Morse Our good friend Ethyl Alcohol is ready to infiltrate the body, mind and spirit of those who suffer from alcoholism, making their lives a contradiction of joy and despair. The holiday season amplifies the need to imbibe and pushes away the urge to abstain. For most the pleasant buzz from the […]

Working at Home

Entry Img   The patient is in respiratory distress, lying in bed, diaphoretic and semiconscious. Each breath she takes requires monumental effort, and that effort isn’t enough to supply her body with enough oxygen to sustain her. Even with the nonrebreather and 10 liters of supplemental 02, her SpO2 is 85%, her lungs are full, […]

Missing Captains

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Missing Captains 12/19/2013 By Michael Morse She actually apologized for calling us. "I didn't want to bother you, but I can't stand the pain any longer." Her home was meticulous, nestled on a quiet street in the Mount Pleasant section of the city, surrounded by beautiful yet modest homes that showed the pride of […]

Like Me

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Fill your cups, take your seats, warm yourselves by the fire and enjoy this year's Advent Ghost Stories, compliments of Loren Eaton and his crew! It's 100 words, no more, no less, the goal being creating some yuletide goosebumps. Enjoy! “Mother, why won’t the other children play with me?” “They’re not like you, my […]

Liberty Mutual Firemark Award

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"We don't act like this because we're firefighters, we're firefighters because this is the way we act." Well done Jermaine, those 42nd Academy people are awesome! (Me and Jermaine and 62 other people are from the 42nd Training Academy of The Providence Fire Department. The 50th Graduates in January. Big shoes to fill people!) Photo: […]