Like Me

Fill your cups, take your seats, warm yourselves by the fire and enjoy this year's Advent Ghost Stories, compliments of Loren Eaton and his crew! It's 100 words, no more, no less, the goal being creating some yuletide goosebumps. Enjoy!

“Mother, why won’t the other children play with me?”creepy

“They’re not like you, my darling.”

“But I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“It matters to them.”

“Why must people be so unkind?”

“They are afraid of things they don’t understand.”


How could he make them understand? Every time he tried they fainted, shouted out loud or ran screaming from the house.


“If I cannot be like them, I’ll make them like me!”

“Like you, or LIKE you?”

“Just. Like. Me.”

“The party starts at six. There will be plenty of children here.”

“Thank you, mommy, and Merry Christmas!”


I snuck this one in, thank you for indulging my creepiness.


The Visitor

I’m almost home, eternity waits. The last steps are the hardest, getting ready took all night, now it’s almost over. The church is full, midnight mass, the coming of the messiah celebrated; the pews full of worshipers listen to the priest on his stage, words hanging in the air like Jesus on his cross. The doors open, it’s warm inside, the glow reaching the masses on this holy night. My hands sweating, coat full of deliverance, the present wrapped across my chest waiting for the lord to fill me with the courage to fulfill my destiny. Merry Christmas? Allah Akbar!


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