Top 5 Favorite calls

5. Cardiac Arrest

     There is little as gratifying in EMS or anywhere as witnessing  the straight line showing life, and the feel of a pulse while working a code.

4. GSW

     Yeah, I'm a ding, call me a rookie all you like, but I love reponding to shootings. The ride is usally better than the arrival.

3. Seizure

     The ability to push medications through a line that you or somebody you trust started, and stopping seizure activity cold is most satisfying!

2. CVA

     My mother passed away nine years after suffering a massive stroke, before TPA, I see a bleed a mile away and know exactly what to do, and I do it fast.

1. Birth

     Wow, what else can I say.


Five least favorite calls:

1. Cardiac Arrest

     From no lack of effort on my or my co-workers part my success rate for recessitation is dismal. Not a lot of flat lines show life, no matter how hard we try, and the ones that do seldom come with a person walking out of the hospital.

2. GSW

     I hate crowds, and crowds surrounding a shooting seldom like me; "go faster, you better save him, he don't care bout us" and on and on. And why is it that people who are shot in Providence are generally not very nice?

3. Seizure

     If I had a nickel for every time I responded somewhere for a seizure only to find nothing of the sort I'd have a lot of nickels. The seizure must be the go to reason for calling 911 when the caller is stumped by the question, "why did you call."

4. CVA

     No comment

5. Birth

     And suddenly, there's two patients to worry about!

That's odd, you say, his favorite calls are also his least favorite calls! What a strange man, and what a strange profession, this EMS!

But  the ultimate love/hate response is by far the overdose. Most overdose patients who are revived and are humble, embarrassed and grateful. The ones who are not make up for the majority who are. And, bringing somebody back from the brink feels great. But failing to do so does not.

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