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Shoveling Hydrants

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Three fire stations are filled with bright light as the tones echo through the old buildings. The PA system hisses, firefighters stir from their bunks, waiting to see who is going out. “Attention Engines 12, 2 and 7, Ladder companies 3 and 7, Rescue 3 and Battalion 2 a still box.” All eyes open, a […]

The Bullies

Entry Img The Broad Street Bullies   02/18/2014     Email Print 7   By Michael Morse   In an old tenement house in the inner city at ten till midnight, a baby wakes, struggling to breathe. When everything his mother tries isn’t enough and her son continues to struggle, she calls 911. Ten blocks away, […]


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Two years ago I walked into their home at midnight, met a wonderful couple, he sick with congestive heart failure and other ailments, she taking care of him. He was a big man, nearing the end of his time. He was lying in a bed in a room at the rear of the 100 year […]


Wrapped in a blanket, sweating, staring blankly into space is how I first saw him. A different version of him stood close by, watching everything I did. I felt the boy in the blanket’s forehead, the older boy stiffened and inched closer. “He’s burning up.” “103 degrees,”  said his mom, who scurried about the apartment […]

Guest Post, Jennifer Birch

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Jennifer Birch is a freelance journalist who asked if she could submit a guest post about EMS and how it works from a layman’s perspective. Considering I already know everything, I thought it would be a good idea. And it was: Thank you Jennifer! Emergencies can happen anytime of the day. It can be due […]

The Flag

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Half the flags are at half staff, some are out all day, all night, in rain, snow and sun, and some poles fly no flag at all. We wonder where our country is going, and why things are not how they used to be, and where the pride has gone. We think of all the […]

Ambulance Accident, three fatalities

How many times have I stood in the back of a speeding ambulance, knelt beside a patient while doing compressions, moved from chair to bench at seventy, restrained agressive people enroute or simply forgot to buckle up? It's a fast paced world we live in, in and out then out and in, treatment in between, […]

Ems World; The Shift Pt. 2, Copper

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  The Shift is a new column by Michael Morse, author of Rescuing Providence and Responding. Over 2014, it will take readers through a typical 14-hour shift in a busy urban fire-EMS department. For more Morse, see Stories from the Streets on Part 1, January:     Copper We rode through some of […]

Dr. Google

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You see enough sick people, eventually, they don't seem all that sick. Even when I am sick I hardly notice. But Cluster Headaches? Holy smokes, there's some pain! But not nearly as bad as the pain I experienced when I found the cure from Dr. Google: "Cluster headaches are an extremely disruptive condition, causing severe […]


I once wondered how they did it living on the streets of Providence, at the mercy of people unlike them, people who show them pity, or not people they despise people like us   we bundle up; it's cold out there! but just for a little while the warm embrace from our car's heater something […]

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