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“Engine 11 to Rescue 1, bring some sheets and the stair chair.” I keyed the mike and answered, “Rescue 1 recieved, on scene.” The apartment house used to be a one family place in what used to be a prestigious part of Providence. Peeling paint covered the ornate entryway which protected the carved oak doorway […]

Mr. Bloweyhorn

I saw them in the distance, ten car lengths at least, plenty of time, plenty of room. I’d been waiting to pull onto Warwick Avenue for an eternity, rush hour in the suburbs is still rush hour, and eased into the lanes of travel heading in the opposite direction. Mr. Bloweyhorn who was driving the […]


We’re shocked and saddened when one of our idols is exposed, but will quickly forget him, for he isn’t a real part of our lives, only holding the interest of the part of us that lives in the other world; the one where characters are portrayed by actors, life’s challenges are written by people who […]

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