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Coming To

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Somebody in the media contacted me and wants to film a segment about the effects of Narcan. My recent OP/ED in The Providence Journal warned against widespread distribution of the drug, which in my opinion will serve to take the fear of overdosing away from those vulnerable to addiction and lead to more deaths than […]

Stealing Vicodin People drive drunk. The beat other people up. They shoplift, set their houses on fire, don’t pay their child support and even steal drugs. They download kiddie porn, embezzle, cheat, lie and even murder. They do it all the time. The prisons are full of people who have broken the law and were caught. […]

Understanding Boston

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When we dream about fire, and fighting it, our packs are light, movement is easy, water is plentiful and the good guys win. Every time. In reality, movement is slow, and labored, our bodies feel like they weigh a million pounds and the water clock ticks incessantly in our heads. Being “in deep” isn’t a […]

Decree # 46

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When I am King CONSIDERING: You are only as old as you feel. and BECAUSE: I feel like I’m one-hundred and fifty. and DUE TO: The fact that I have an insurmountable list of tasks to complete. and IT IS MY UNDERSTANDING My life expectancy of one-hundred and fifty years, minus forty-nine already lived leaves […]

Uniform Stories

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Wicked Pissa Dog Show

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Ben Pugh, the man behind Wicked Pissa Dog Show, a reality series focusing on Liam Murphy, one of the most charismatic people I have seen on TV in a long time introduced himself to me a few weeks ago through his other project, Uniform Stories, (more on that later.) During a brief video interview […]


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A new song from U2 comes on the radio, and the kid behind the counter carries on about how much he hates those whiners. He looks like a roadie from the latest Kanye West tour, neck tatoos, baggy bants and a hoodie; eyes hidded by the latest incantation of fashionable sunglasses and a half a […]

Think too much

So…I’m staring at a blank screen, fiddling with the keyboard and letting my mind wander. What I want to write is in direct conflict with what I will write. I want to write about the people in EMS that I see, and know, and relate with. These are the people that will never read what […]

The Story

About sixteen years into my career as a firefighter in Providence, RI I had an idea. What if I were to write down everything that happened during a four day tour on one of those yellow sticky pads, put the pad away for a little while, then elaborate on all of the notes that I […]

Narcan, Puzzles the Will Until St. Patrick’s Day is over, the Kindle version of Responding is on sale. $3.99 today, $4.99 tomorrow. Excerpt from the book Responding, by Michael Morse… Alone, in a dirty bathroom in an abandoned house, syringes everywhere, rat droppings, human waste, empty vodka bottles. Squatters found him. I’m surprised they called us.   To […]

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