Think too much

So…I’m staring at a blank screen, fiddling with the keyboard and letting my mind wander. What I want to write is in direct conflict with what I will write. I want to write about the people in EMS that I see, and know, and relate with. These are the people that will never read what I write, they are busy working, trying their best to get through the shift, working for their wage and going home at the end of the day. They do not have the passion for the job that the people who read my articles have, they are done with it, have lived through the long shifts, low pay, ungrateful public and demanding administrators. They are good people in dead end jobs. And they make up about 90% of the EMS workforce. (estimate based on experience and no data, sue me if you disagree)

The 10% of the time that I think what I do is important makes up most of what I write about. The people who read articles about EMS do not care about the other 90%. They are happy, and want to learn more, and feel vitally important in the healthcare chain. And they are, 10% of the time.

How then do I convey passion for a job that I know is ripping the soul out of most of the people who do it? How do I reach the people who need inspiration? Do I tell the truth, and hope that they read the message, and skip the mess?

Or do I sugar coat the whole experience, and write about the latest technologies that most of us will never use, or carry on about active shooter scenarios that most of us will never encounter, or pretend that I embrace Integrated Mobile Healthcare when I truly believe that it is another giant step toward government dependance and ultimately the downfall of our society?

I don’t know, sometimes it might be better if I leave the keyboard alone and drown in my own thoughts.


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