Wicked Pissa Dog Show

Ben Pugh, the man behind Wicked Pissa Dog Show, a reality series focusing on Liam Murphy, one of the most charismatic people I have seen on TV in a long time introduced himself to me a few weeks ago through his other project, Uniform Stories, http://uniformstories.com/ (more on that later.) During a brief video interview for the site at my house, my dog, Mr. Wilson decided that he would be the focus of the show.
I have been wrestling with my two lives for a while now, tough to let the Fire/EMS thing go when it so deeply entrenched in my psyche, (plus, my monthly columns at EMS 1, EMS World and Fire Engineering keep me in the loop,) while transitioning into the next part of my life. On some deep level I just know that dogs, animal rescue, cats, and animal people are in my future, I’m just not sure where it all fits in.

I had no idea Ben was involved in this series until after we did the interview for Uniform Stories. I think there is some kind of Karma working here, not quite sure how, but I love it when weird coincidences enter my life.

The Uniform Stories site is a way for people not on the streets or boots on the ground to gain insight into the world EMS personell, Firefighters Police and Soldiers live in, and by telling our stories through short video reach a large audience that wants to know more about us. I’ll have more on that next week but for now, check out the Wicked Pissa Dog Show, I’m sure you will be glad you did!


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