Stealing Vicodin

People drive drunk. The beat other people up. They shoplift, set their houses on fire, don’t pay their child support and even steal drugs. They download kiddie porn, embezzle, cheat, lie and even murder. They do it all the time. The prisons are full of people who have broken the law and were caught.

But when cops, teachers, firefighters or EMT’s do so, the story is more about who broke the law than the law that was broken. I have yet to see a news story that begins with a persons occupation prior to the crime if that person accused is a salesperson, a factory worker, a stockbroker or a mechanic.

The best way to stay out of the news is to stay out of trouble, and the best way to stay out of trouble is to not break the law, and the easiest way to not break the law is to have respect for the people we share this world with. People are people, and what we do does not make us better, or worse than our peers. Everybody needs to be held to the same high standards. The illusion that people in emergency services or educators, health care workers or politicians need to be held to a higher standard is nonsense. The victims of crime bear the exact same result of the illegal act no matter who does it. Everybody is accountable for their actions; it matters not what they do to make a living, what matters is that honesty and respect prevail.

And keep your hands out of the vicodin jar, dumbass!

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