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Overheard in Rescue 1, very late

“I didn’t know you were gay.” “I’m not.” “You know that guy was hitting on you, right?” “The one we picked up in the gay bar?” “That just sounds wrong. Yeah, him.” “Yeah I know.” “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you seemed to like the attention.” “Well, he was kind of handsome and we’ve […]

Just a dog

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I wrote this post after I read the story that I linked to, and some of the inevieatable commentarry on various EMS sites. Different scenarios, I know, but a little common sense and empathy goes a long way. She’s deaf, and her dog helps her; lets her know when somebody is at the door, […]

Letting Go

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He’s looking at me. Eyes that have seen twice the years that mine have bore into mine — trusting me, hoping that I am capable, that I take my craft seriously, that I am competent.> His inability to articulate the thoughts that run through his mind as I evaluate the weakness on his left side […]

Calm Down

And speaking of calming down, I can’t think of a worse thing to say to a patient, or the family of a patient than to “calm down!’ Every time, without fail that sombody told me to “calm down” my “calm down” control went into overdrive. But at least my state of rage – frenzy- horror- […]


I wonder how it feels to have strangers tell you to calm down, have them open the door of your pick-up truck while you sit in the driver’s seat, blood pouring down your face from an exit wound in your forehead,  drag you onto a backboard, strap you down, slap an oxygen mask onto your […]

The Shift Part 3

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My series “The Shift” is at EMS World, online and in the magazine. In it I tell the story of a recent 14 hour overtime shift on Rescue Co. 4 on a Friday Night. I took notes during the tour, thinking of writing another Rescuing Providence but found that it is more enjoyable to write […]

Narcan is not the answer

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I do not think that making narcan available to the general public will save lives. I thought that I was alone in that sentiment but was relieved to learn that many people in EMS share my opinion. It seems I go out of my way to be contrary to present day EMS but I really […]


I was twenty-three when I met my daughters. They were five and seven years old. It was love at first sight for me, not quite sure what they thought. It took a few years but I became their dad, but never had them call me that, Michael did just fine. One day, one of Brittany’s […]

Emotional Male

“Engine 12 and Rescue 3, Respond to Hawkins Street for an emotional female.” I keyed the mic. “Rescue 3, responding.” Aren’t they all emotional? I asked my partner who gave me his usual amused look and drove. When we arrived, four adults had her pinned to the floor, each holding a limb. Her foster mother […]

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