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Leaders Lead I finally figured out why this whole Community Paramedicine push is driving me nuts. It’s because I have no idea who is behind the pushing. I spent decades working as an EMT and never got a memo from my leaders, never got a phone call, never was invited to join any organizations, never answered […]

Chapter 8

It’s the end of my first 14 hour shift, I’ve got 24 hours to go. These are the times where it’s easy to judge, and be less than the person you are, and let your own demons come to the fore, and your humanity slip away into the self-imposed exhaustion that a thirty-eight hour shift […]

Free Book on a Rainy Day

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On Saturday, April 26th my book, Responding will be available for FREE all day on . What madness is this you ask? It’s a pretty good book, at least I think so, but I’m a little biased. If you do take the time to download it and read it all I ask is that […]

The Chorus I didn’t read the commentary that follows the article about the Providence Firefighter who is suing the city for millions. I didn’t have to, because I already know what is there. The same things that are there every time the words “disability” and “firefighter” are mentioned in the same sentence. You would think that […]


Calls involving kids are the most intense, even when they’re not all that intense, if that makes sense. It’s a small world in the back of an ambulance, and everything happens at a different pace. Simple things like facial expressions take on more meaning, and those looks stay with you for a long, long time. […]

Right Here

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This is a little difficult to read, I wrote a lot of things while at Rescues 1, 3, and 5 during my time as a Rescue Technician, Lieutenant and Captain in Providence, RI; the things that needed to be purged from my mind tend to be the horrific and tragic. Good things happened, they happened […]

At Peace

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Who decides who lives and who dies? Not me, that much is certain. We got a man back, and I was disappointed. Read more here…

Patriot’s Day

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They’re running a marathon today in Boston. An American won it for the first time in decades. As far as me and Mr. Wilson are concerned, Americans have been winning since they burned the HMS Gaspee all those years ago. The memory of what a couple of murderous idiots with pressure cooker bombs that the […]

Peking DUCK

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It’s not every day a fire hydrant comes flying through the window of a Chinese Restaraunt. If these folks don’t add “The Flying Hydrant” to their drink list they’re nuts! I’m thinking 151 proof rum, cherry bomb brandy, orange and cranberry juice with a splash of carbonated water served in a fire hydrant shaped cup […]

Darkness Descends

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I am mentally ill. There, I said it. I haveĀ  been medically treated for depression since 2001, when my phyciatrist prescribed Wellbutrin for my condition. Does it work? I don’t know, but I’m afraid to stop taking it. Prior to being medicated I drank. A lot. It was the only thing that brightened my outlook […]

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