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This is a little difficult to read, I wrote a lot of things while at Rescues 1, 3, and 5 during my time as a Rescue Technician, Lieutenant and Captain in Providence, RI; the things that needed to be purged from my mind tend to be the horrific and tragic. Good things happened, they happened all the time but you would never know it from reading the things I wrote while “doing time.”

When I would write about something that happened that was funny, outrageous or just plain nuts often it would come out all wrong, and sound like I was poking fun at people who were suffering, which I guess I was, hence the dominance of for lack of a better way to describe it, unsettling posts.

But anyway, all’s well that ends well, time away from all of this works wonders. I can feel peace and tranquility returning to me ein pieces every day, and that beats going to pieces every time.

I do worry about the people still overworking on the rescue’s in the city of Providence, doing 6 and 7000 emergency calls a year per ambulance. That pace is simply impossible to maintain, and people are crashing; they just don’t know it yet.


“…I was watching a movie last night, and a teenage kid was considering jumping off a bridge, and the people who made the movie did a great job of capturing the moment, and as my wife watched the movie and enjoyed the story, I was in an abandoned field full of broken glass, and the coppery smell filled my nostrils, and the blobs of gristle littered the floor of my bedroom, and I closed my eyes, and couldn’t breathe, and when I opened them, the kid had decided not to jump, and my wife asked me where I was…”



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