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Out with the Old

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I didn’t like who I had become. I knew I needed to step up my game, but had no idea how to do so. Then, a friend told me the secret.   “It’s not the situation, it’s the way you respond to the situation that matters. How you act is entirely up to you. You […]

Last Ride

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 from Fire Engineering Last Ride 06/24/2014 By Michael Morse It’s crazy, but every now and then I have to remind myself just how good I have it. You would think that being a firefighter on one of the best departments anywhere would remind me of that every time I went to work or, now that […]

Enough at Uniform Stories

Entry Img I wrote this a while ago before I retired (23 years) thanks to Uniform Stories for resurrecting it, and all who have supported fire/police/ems/military members and their families. It’s a great career but it ain’t cheap.  

Do you have a plan?

Sunday, 1230 hrs, dispatched to a home on Wickenden street for an emotional female. Arrive on scene to find female crying on front stairs. She points to a door. It leads to a basement. At the bottom of the stairs, next to the washer and dryer is a boy hanging dead from the ceiling joist. […]

Strategies for helping a suicidal person

Strategies for helping a suicidal person When called for a suicidal person my main objective was to get them from wherever they were to where they needed to be; the hospital. The only training I had for dealing with suicidal patients came at the end of ropes, neckties, extension cords, bullets, bridges, opiates, razors and […]

My Rig is My Temple

Entry Img|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk4%26pLid%3D490930 My rig is my temple, and all who enter are at my mercy. It is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly, or ever forgotten. Patient respect and confidentiality are tantamount to good patient care. Patient’s do not deserve to be oogled, disrespected, leered at or disrobed unless absolutely medically necessary, and even then […]

Brain Dead

“I’m down here!” We followed the voice into the basement, it was difficult, spider webs, dust mites, rat droppings and garbage slowed our progress. Human waste is worse than all of those things combined, and it nearly overwhelmed me as I worked my way toward a small light shining under a door at the far […]

Emergency Response for the Mentally Ill Between the school shootings, patients getting shot and countless other incidents involving mentally ill people it has become abundantly clear that more needs to be done for people suffering with mental health problems and the people who treat and transport them. The “problem,” and make no mistake, it is a BIG problem, a MAJOR […]

Piss is my Favorite

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Overheard in the back of Rescue 1, on Friday the 13th, during a clean-up.   “Piss isn’t too bad.” “Puke is the worst.” “Nah, shit’s worse than puke, any day.” “Blood is easy, it doesn’t stink.” “That’s why piss isn’t bad, easy clean-up.” “Old piss is pretty bad.” “New shit is worse than old shit.” […]

No Ice Cream for You!~

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