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Wait a minute!

A few decades ago firefighters were asked to include EMS to their skill set. It took some time but it’s now pretty much expected that firefighters be medically trained. It’s kind of funny how if a firefighter complains about doing EMS he is considered lazy or behind the times. If a paramedic or EMT balks […]


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In 1993, I spent six weeks reading Dr. Seuss books to an ESL (English as a Second Language) kindergarten class in one of the toughest schools in the city. It was a program designed to get police and firefighters into the city schools to be role models. We were supposed to follow a set course, […]

The Reporters

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It’s different to respond to a critical incident with something to do that directly effects the outcome. Reporting on what happens over and over eventually takes its toll on the emotional well-being of the people doing the reporting. The News is a tough business, but the people in the business are just people, like everybody […]


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This is going to be difficult to write, and no doubt hard to read, but every now and then a little tightrope walk does me good. Please stay with me, if I fall into the canyon I have nobody to blame but myself. A firefighter from a neighboring city lost his hand last month due […]

Bring gang members up, not EMT’s down

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Gang member threatens to kill Jersey City Police and EMT’s. Read the story here: Social media was all a-twitter yesterday when this “story” broke. Seems we love nothing more that a good old fashioned threat. Please keep in mind that this was an isolated incident, gang members are not that bright, a threat was […]

Tip of the Day

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One day I was tending bar in a nice restaurant, the next I was a firefigher/EMT in a big city. It’s weird the way things work out, it took me a long time to get hired in Providence, RI, and during the 6 month academy bills kept coming in, and the kids didn’t just go […]


Here’s a story from something I’m working on. My other books can be found here, if you haven’t already done so, buy one already!Wind, gritty with sand lifted from the pavement pecked at the skin on our faces, bitter, painful and relentless. “Come with me, it’s freezing out here,” I said to the woman. […]

“Who is the bigger asshole?!”

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Welcome back eveybody, it’s time for another installment of everybody’s favorite game, “Who is the Bigger Asshole!?” Today we have a two part scenario, so without furthur ado, let’s see “who is the bigger asshole!” Beautiful summer day, moderate traffic on a city road, four lanes, two lanes north, two lanes south. Driver A. is […]

New Beginnings

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As you may remember, back in 2006 I started this blog in anticipation of the release of the book, Rescuing Providence. Yesterday, the blog passed 1,000,000 visits, or “hits.” That’s a lot of hits if I do say so myself! Time moves on, and things change, if they didn’t not much of anything would get […]


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I would often sit in the back of the ambulance when a job was done and simply let things settle. Tension takes time to leave a space where a life and death struggle has happened, and the confined space of an ALS vehicle doesn’t have a lot of room for the air to clear.   […]

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