Maybe we forget that all of this could be gone in a blink; the freedom we take for granted, the gift of choice, the ability to do what we want, become who we choose and live our lives the way we see fit, not the way we are told.

Some of us cannot forget.  Some of us do not take it all as a birth right, a gift of freedom bestowed upon us and not earned, something simply there.

A few of us walk this earth with missing limbs, scars both mental and physical reminding them that for now defending what most of us take for granted is about more than talk, and freedom of expression.

It’s about giving up the freedom that generations of Americans enjoy. It’s about sacrifice, and duty, and a responsibility to honor what has been given to us. It’s about signing up to do a job, and trusting the people who have lived through oppression and terrorism and ideology intent on taking everything we have away, and spending time in a war zone, and being wounded, and being killed.

It is my honor to appreciate what has been provided for me through the sacrifice of the people who have fought to preserve it.

Thank you for your service.




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