And Furthermore

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I need to confess; I do not give a rat’s behind if they put narcan in our drinking water, have mandatory narcan inoculations in case we overdose, equip every school aged child with a Narcipen and have the CDC issue a mandatory evacuation of every city and town where an opiate might be found. I have completely given up on our government,  including the Health Department’s ability to know how best to help the public.

It just bugs me that we allow the media and our leaders to lead us into a den of stupidity and lead us to believe that an upsurge in overdose deaths is an epidemic. What if we have a real epidemic? What then? Tell people that the overdose epidemic was just a goof, this one is REALLY AN EPIDEMIC!

It makes me crazy to read things like government agencies are encouraging people to buddy up when getting high, just in case one of you over does it. Somebody needs to say it so it may as well be me;

“Take drugs at your own risk!” And quit being idiots.

Let the people have their narcan,  just leave the government out of it!

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