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Who has the bigger, uh…authority?

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My latest article is live at Uniform Stories, check it out, and that’s an order!

More Zen Questions

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“…am I this way because I was a firefighter, or was I a firefighter because this is who I am?”   I’m in my yard rambling, and while my body wanders through the gardens and weeds my mind wanders into places that I should have forgotten years ago. Sometimes a TV show does it, just […]

And Furthermore

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I need to confess; I do not give a rat’s behind if they put narcan in our drinking water, have mandatory narcan inoculations in case we overdose, equip every school aged child with a Narcipen and have the CDC issue a mandatory evacuation of every city and […]

For Now

Entry Img Inside there are babies being born, cancer being treated, lives saved, some lost as families rejoice or cope with their loss, doctors and nurses missing their families, security working the holiday to make time and a half so they might be able to buy something nice for their girlfriend, a world of people […]

Dear Regina,

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This comment appeared on the JEMS Facebook  page in response to my blog post and subsequent commentary there concerning the media’s coverage of the spike in accidental overdose deaths this year: Regina Littel KoeppelMy son just OD on Heroin. I live In beautiful neighborhood & home. My children went to best private schools and r […]


Maybe we forget that all of this could be gone in a blink; the freedom we take for granted, the gift of choice, the ability to do what we want, become who we choose and live our lives the way we see fit, not the way we are told. Some of us cannot forget.  Some […]

The Heroin Epidemic is Over!

I have great news. The heroin overdose epidemic is over! I know, I Googled it. The most recent story about it was in May. At least that’s what the lack of news stories about it would have you believe. I guess the news cycle has cycled onto better things now that the people who bring […]

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