Gratitude, not attitude

We complain a lot about the people who abuse “the system” and take advantage of the benefits that the society we have created offers. These benefits, such as the 911 system serve a purpose, and though the purpose has been distorted and abused, there are those who do need us, and appreciate what we offer, and lean on us when the life they once took for granted comes crashing down.

It is these people that make it all worthwhile. I am constantly reminded just how fragile is the human body, and mind. For every person who convinces themselves that they are ill, or deserves others to fund their habits and self-destructive behavior there is another who through no fault of their own contracted some horrific disease or had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and now find themselves immobile; temporarily or for good.

Though difficult at times, it is essential to look past the abusers and see through them; for on the other side of them are people who deserve our help, and when we show up at their door, or their vehicle, or their side we need to put the baggage away, and start fresh.

Everybody deserves a chance, and to not be judged by the actions of others. We posses the ability, education and desire to help people who need it, and that truly is a blessing, the evidence of our good fortune is presented to us constantly. From the moment we open our eyes until sleep takes over. hours, or sometimes days later life comes at us, and we are able to handle most of it with ease. We can stand, and walk, and think, and work, and our hands work the way they are supposed to, and we are not sick from chemo, and our pain is manageable without medications that dull our thought process and leave us wanting more. We are not burdened with the grief that comes with watching loved ones suffer and die before their time. There are a lot of people who are not as fortunate.

In all probability, eventually it will be me, or somebody close to me at the mercy of somebody, either a firefighter, an EMT or Paramedic, and when that need arises, I hope that whoever shows up is able to put aside the baggage, and see me for who I am, not a problem, or a job; rather a person whose circumstances led him to have to call for a stranger’s help.

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