Alpha Pet Transport; Rescuing Pooches!

I’m waiting in a parking lot off of Route 395 in Connecticut, along with dozens of other people. We’re all waiting for our new dogs to arrive. Our anticipation is over when a big red truck pulling a white trailer appears on the horizon and enters the lot. We herd over to where the truck has stopped, and a couple of men get out of the cab. They greet us with a nod before opening the trailer, and then one-by-one they unite us with our adopted pets.

I notice that the guys running things are around my age. They look tired, but satisfied. People line up, and when they get to the front of the line one of the guys goes into the trailer and comes out holding a dog that is excited, frightened or tired. Or all three. It’s all smiles when the handover is made, and it happens again and again. I’m secretly envious of these two men — pet rescuers, deliverers of happiness, bringers of salvation and hope — and I wonder how they managed to find such rewarding work.

We’re the last to get our dog, and we finally meet Jeff, one of the owners of Alpha Pet Transport. His company exists to transport homeless dogs — some of them moments before euthanasia — from rescue groups in the south to the homes of adoptive families and foster homes in the north. Every week the big red truck leaves Massachusetts and journeys south, picking up dogs at pre-arranged places along their way. When the truck is full, they come back, and at highway rest stops and parking lots all along the route the homeless dogs are homeless no more, as joyous meetings happen, and bonds are created and new lives begin. Jeff handed our new dog off to me, and told me a little about him.

“Here’s Wilson,” he said. “He’s a great little guy. A lot of times the little ones can be difficult, but I think this one is special.”

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