We were talking about things, how society seems to have gotten meaner, more self-centered, less community minded. Somebody said this:

“You’re a firefighter, you understand about putting others before yourself.”

Whoa! Wait a minute here. I do not now, nor ever did indiscriminately put others before myself. Some people have earned their place ahead of me, and I would do anything, even die to keep them living. As for the rest? Not going to happen.

Just to be clear, I find it reprehensible for ANYBODY to put others before themselves, and to use their choice to do so as some kind of piousness, as if they can then claim superior moral high ground. It is morally repugnant to do so. Somehow we have become brainwashed into believing that it is honorable to be self-sacrificing. It is not. It is the ultimate sin.

Do you believe that it is in society’s best interest for me to willingly give my life to possible save another person? Do you think that I would do so? Do you believe that firefighters are paid to make “the ultimate sacrifice?”fire

If you believe that it’s time for some new beliefs.

I will willingly risk my life to save yours, understanding that I must believe that there is a chance; mine is about 20%, most firefighters threshold lingers around there, some more, some less-that I will not die doing so. If there is no chance that I will survive, I will not attempt it. I’m sorry, but that is the truth.  Expecting more is simply expecting too much.

If a person thinks so little of his ability to provide for their family, be a friend, a husband and father, contribute to society and have their presence be of value to the rest of mankind that they will willingly throw it away, then that person needs to re-evaluate their worth.

I need to survive, and have every right to do so. But I will try my best to do what’s best for people who need help, as long as I’m reasonable certain that I’ll be around to see the fruits of my sacrifice.

A 20% chance that I’ll survive. I can live with that.


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  • Garry Collins says:

    Order of priority;
    Fellow firefighter(s)
    Other disciplines (Cops etc.)
    Joe public
    Our gear
    Public property.
    That’s how the list is going in. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, and depending on circumstances it may change, but not that often.

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