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Alive and Well

Entry Img   Alive 11/21/2014 By Michael Morse I first felt it nearly 25 years ago… a glow in the distance, cold wind snapping through the tiller cab, the promise of fire in the distance getting my heart pumping … eyes blurry but everything is in focus, the rear of the ladder truck my only responsibility […]

Us and them

Entry Img I remember going into the projects; a big white guy from the suburbs surrounded by big black guys from the city. I could sense the simmering resentment from the crowd, and saw contempt on their faces. Hearing the hate in their voices when they shouted “hurry up,” was difficult to ignore. I learned how […]

Respect in Ferguson and everywhere else

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As an EMT in Providence, RI I worked closely with the Providence Police. The most shocking thing I saw was the utter lack of respect the citizenry showed them. I often asked the cops how they dealt with the abuse.   The lack of respect and contempt for uniformed police officers ultimately lead to Michael […]


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One of the more gratifying experiences I had happened when we were between calls. You never know what might happen when you keep your eyes open.   Wind, gritty with sand lifted from the pavement pecked at the skin on our faces, bitter, painful and relentless. “Come with me, it’s freezing out here,” I said […]

Dead Guy

 Overheard at Home: “You don’t look so hot.” “I don’t feel so hot.” “What’ s the matter?” “Just sick.” “You never get sick.” “I’m getting old.” “Doesn’t matter.” “Had a call the other night, guy dead in an alley. It was freezing, and raining and I forgot my jacket. It took forever to get him […]

The Heart of a Stranger

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President Obama took a chance yesterday. “Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, not a mom who’s working hard to provide for her kids,” Obama said. “We’ll prioritize, just like law enforcement does every day.” And he went on… “Scripture tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart […]

I know

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She insisted on walking to the ambulance. Once inside we began treatment. “Besides the allergic reaction do you have any other medical problems?” The question is part of our patient assessment, one we ask every patient under our care. Beatrice, a forty-four year old woman suffering from a possible allergic reaction to hair detangler lay […]

Flowers in Ferguson?

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I remember going into the projects; a big white guy from the suburbs surrounded by big black guys from the city, and feeling the simmering resentment from the crowd, and seeing the contempt on their faces, and hearing the hate in their voices, but pressing on, and parting the hostile crowd with no more than […]

The EMS Directive 1-A

Entry Img From the Executive Office of The EMS Directive 1-A Please post in a conspicuous place   Effective immediately:   There will be an Emergency room, and somewhere else, somewhere nearby,  a REAL EMERGENCY room Field Units will evaluate patients and transport to the appropriate facility There will be no Entertainment Weekly, People, or Star […]


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Print one and pass it on! Thank you. Here’s a graphic from The American Recall Center. Along with raising awareness on how to respond to a stroke, they are spreading the word about the dangers of a medication used to prevent stroke and blood clots. The commonly used drug, Xarelto, has shown to have negative […]

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