Respect in Ferguson and everywhere else

As an EMT in Providence, RI I worked closely with the Providence Police. The most shocking thing I saw was the utter lack of respect the citizenry showed them. I often asked the cops how they dealt with the abuse.


The lack of respect and contempt for uniformed police officers ultimately lead to Michael Brown’s tragic death.


May he and Ferguson, MO, and everywhere there is police/ citizen tension rest in peace.

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  • EMT RJ-FL says:

    The events in Ferguson ( in my view as a black american) brings tears to my eyes because it outlines the basic problem in america when it comes to race relations. If the officer had been black and the circumstances the same, this would not be a story BUT when a group of blacks kidnap, rape and kill a white couple, the media went to sleep. Black america has been sold a bad set of goods because it can be said that the REACTIONS by the black citizens of ferguson by burning, looting their own community say-SHOWS how black people are seen by mainstream america. It would appear that everytime blacks dont get their way, they riot then expect the government to rebuild because they need jobs…Since the article is about respect, how many blacks are on/in ferguson’s FD & EMS? why is the media not covering that? why must they continue to “examine the causes of white fear of black people” the answer is on the news every night…”the blacks are burning down their town”. why cant the black people try to get into the positions they say are alredy filled by whites? we alredy know the answer…if you are black and become a cop, when blacks commit crimes and the black cop does his job, he’d be “a sellout to the man” and if a black medic saves a white person before a black one, “they are playing up to the white man”. Its a no win situation with only one soultion…become part of the SOULTION not one of the problems

  • Lt. JJ says:

    Well said RJ!

  • Nick says:

    Very well said RJ! And sad but true as well.

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