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The Truth

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Sometimes you have to tell the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that truth may be. Nobody loves a sad story more than an intoxicated first responder. Given the opportunity we will revel in our misery, and blame the job for our fate, cry in our beer and begin to believe the lies that we […]


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All kinds of people cross our path every day. Forgetting to acknowledge them is our loss. Every person has a story, every person has value. This is from my book, Rescuing Providence. I nearly missed out on a great experience because I forgot. Sincere Thanks to every veteran living and dead on this and every […]

You People

I am not a paramedic, and had nothing to do with the care that her son received, but she, without thinking twice, included me in the retelling of her story.

Multiple personalities

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For a first responder to be effective he or she needs multiple personalities to thrive. I’ve been aware of my multiple personalities since I can remember, or at least since one of me told me about the others. Some days one dominates, and stays, not letting anybody else in. Other times there’s two of me […]

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