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Where am I?

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Uncle Tony was sick, so sick that we had to take him to the emergency room. His finger has become infected, and it grew to three times its normal size. The “Doc in a Box” decided that he needed to be seen at a hospital, so we loaded him into cousin Randy’s van and me […]

Three Minutes

“Engine 10 to Rescue 1, heroin overdose, we’re working him now.” “Rescue 1, received the message, eta three minutes.” A few years ago, the patient would have been dead by the time we arrived. Instead, the fire companies in Providence and most places now are Advanced Life Support equipped. Three minutes is a lifetime. A […]

Letting go

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First, I had to admit that things were not going as well as would have liked. For me, that was the hardest part, admitting to myself that the job had gotten to me. Once I allowed the fact that the accumulation of everything I had experienced was sticking around in the dark recesses of my […]

Making it Home

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I spent 24 years responding to 911 calls. There were lots of them. After a while I stopped caring, not because I didn’t care, I did, I simply ran out of room in my heart. Every now and then something would sink in, and the old mechanisms would take over, and I would feel something. […]


Forbes Magazine has published Career Cast’s Ten Most Stressful jobs for 2015. Firefighter gets top billing. But before you call the mutual admiration society for some good old fashioned commiserating, consider this: actors, event coordinators and broadcasters are also on the list. I have to admit, I get a giant kick out of seeing my […]

Chest Rise

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I wrote this after returning to quarters following a fatal fire.  Everything happened so fast, it was like a blur. One of ours was injured badly while treating the victim, we did a crew change in the middle of the incident without missing a beat, I thought it was pretty amazing how things worked out, […]

A little boost never hurts

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“Attention Engine 3 and Rescue 1, respond to 647 Broad Street for an MVA involving an unresponsive ten year old.” That will get you going. We flew out of the station toward the incident. Engine 3 arrived on scene first and radioed their findings. “Engine 3 to Fire Alarm, advise Rescue 1 we have a […]


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From Before…   It’s 3:30 in the morning, I can’t sleep, not because I’m not tired, I am; twenty-six calls in the last thirty-four hours and four hours to go, rather, I’ve got all these stories to tell and nobody to tell them to. I think I need this blog more than the people who […]

Love Tap

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She’s on her way to work, blond hair blowing in the wind, radio on, ready to start her day when a car hits her from behind. She’s startled, looks in the rear view and sees another car closing in. That car slams into the one that hit her, which then hits her again. The impact […]

Vive la France!

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Islam needs a human leader. Saying that God is the only authority gives a lot of people a lot of excuses to terrorize the rest of us with their demented beliefs. God does not speak to us directly. God does not tell us what to do with our lives. God doesn’t have to answer to […]

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