Love Tap

She’s on her way to work, blond hair blowing in the wind, radio on, ready to start her day when a car hits her from behind. She’s startled, looks in the rear view and sees another car closing in. That car slams into the one that hit her, which then hits her again. The impact pushes her car forward, it hits the car in front of her.

connection 1Four cars in all, the last car in the pile-up has the most damage, the occupant is already boarded and collared by an East Providence Rescue and rolling past us as we pull past the accident scene and come to a stop. Two people are leaning against a jersey barrier, a beautiful woman dressed in black and a guy next to her, dressed like a mechanic.

They stand close, talking, relieved the accident wasn’t worse. I asked if they were injured, the man looks dazed, the woman states her neck hurts but she doesn’t need medical treatment. The man has a glazed look in his eye, I ask him three simple questions, “where are you, who’s the President and what day is it.” He answers correctly and refuses transport as well.

I look at the cars, the blond woman’s took a pretty good hit, she’ll be sore tomorrow, I’m sure. One more time I ask if they want to be transported to the hospital. The woman smiles sweetly and says she wants to go to work. The dazed looking man smiles back and says, “no thanks it wasn’t that bad. I think I’ll be alright. It was just a love tap.”

They look at each other, move a little closer and laugh together.

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