Making it Home

I spent 24 years responding to 911 calls. There were lots of them. After a while I stopped caring, not because I didn’t care, I did, I simply ran out of room in my heart. Every now and then something would sink in, and the old mechanisms would take over, and I would feel something. More times than I care to admit I felt absolutely nothing when the proverbial walls were crumbling down on other people’s lives.

“You’ve changed,” are words nobody likes to hear when things are going badly at home. Denial sets in, and the more you deny the changes the more the changes continue to change you. I was still the same person as before, I just wasn’t acting like him; something was blocking my ability to connect with the relaxed, fun loving, open minded and kind hearted slob that used to inhabit my body.

wilson cover“You’ve changed” isn’t so bad when the tired, cynical and heartless old fart begins to recede, and the person you used to be begins to re-appear.

My new book, Mr. Wilson Makes it Home is about far more than a little dog who wormed his way into the hearts of my family. It is about love and loss, PTSD, growing older, growing up and growing back in love with the people who waited for me to make it home.

The book is now available at and  Barnes and  It will be officially released and in bookstores on February 3, 2015. If you enjoy the stories on this page, please give the book a chance, I think you will be very glad you did!

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