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Who ya gonna call?

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Somebody you love tells you they took “all the pills.” They say they are tired of living, tired of struggling, tired of being tired. You look around the house and find empty pill bottles where full ones used to be. The person you love is getting sleepy, fading away right before your eyes. You’re alone, […]

Rescuing Mr. Wilson

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What’s a burnt out Providence Fire Department officer to do when he hangs up his boots? Drink heavily? nah-did that, doesn’t work Live in the past? kind of doing that here on my blog Play tiddly-winks with the other retired guys at the club? they don’t have tiddly-winks at the club Adopt a dog and […]

Firefighter Training Podcast

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I had the pleasure of talking with Chief Peter Lamb for The Firefighter Training Podcast, it’s always nice to be able to talk fire/ems things with people who share the same passion for the job as me. here’s the podcast, thanks for listening!

Sometimes you’ve got to let them bring the lizard!

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“I did it again,” she said. Blood soaked the front of her shirt. “Put down the razor Stephanie, and let me see.” She dropped the box cutter onto the kitchen table, next to a Mr. Coffee pot filled with living crickets. The movement inside to pot gave me the creeps more than the bloody shirt […]

A Blue Eyed Black Guy

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Working in Providence taught me a lot about people… From the book, Responding Wayne had been on the job for three years when I came along. Beneath his tough guy facade was a great guy, but it took me a while to figure that out. We came from different worlds, myself a middle class suburb […]

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