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Baxter Street

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  Alan Tripp from Ladder Co. 5 (ret.)  posted this picture on Facebook this morning. Brought back some memories…   “Attention, Engines 10, 11, 3; Ladders 5 and 1; Special Hazards; and Division 1: a still box.” I kept my ears tuned to the radio while I chopped some onions, waiting to hear from the […]

The ME Wall

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I wrote this for Fire Engineering after putting yet another piece of my career into a box and into the basement. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

Why do we call them “Firefighters?”

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Every wonder why we call ’em Firefighters?” Because  people in the frozen lake pluckers-toxic leak stoppers-baby’s head between the bars extricators-leaking gas tank stoppers-dead body stuck in a river recoverers-well-being checkers-car dangling on the edge of a cliff securers-boa constrictor wrapped around a person’s neck coaxers-medication bottle openers-granny stuck in the car lifters-what’s that smell […]

Hero Prep

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The best way to be a good firefighter is to be prepared. Being prepared is imperritive if you want to have the chance to become a good firefighter.

Narcan or Recovery

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*Author’s note: When I was asked to write an article about my experience with narcan my first impulse was to pass. I know that I am biased. I have seen far too many dead overdose victims to be objective. I spend every Thursday night in a twelve step program with other addicts. I hear the […]

Monkey on my Belt

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By Michael Morse He wasn’t always an alcoholic, he said, eyes downcast, voice barely audible. He went on, telling us of a childhood spent in foster homes and orphanages due to his birth parent’s inability to provide proper care for him and his twin siblings. “Back in the late 50s and early 60s foster parents […]

Who is the patient?

0420 Hrs.   “Rescue 1, Respond to 54 Chair Street for a fifty year old male who fell down a flight of stairs.”   I fumble for the radio, find the key and press.   “Rescue 1, responding.”   In the five minutes it takes to arrive on scene blood flow has resumed, hopefully erasing […]

Eternal Rest?

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“I’ll do it,” said Hector. He was the only one among us who spoke fluent enough Spanish to articulate to the family members who had assembled my desire to let this person pass peacefully. A minute at most, seconds from eternal rest. She was ninety-four. Earlier in the week we took her from her comfortable […]

Hazing is a great tradition, right?

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On my first night in the fire station they set me on fire. I was the new guy, fresh out of the academy. We answered a few box alarms, responded to some rescue runs and goofed around between calls. Eventually everybody hit the rack. I was the sole survivor in the day room, and at […]