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Yesterday the once notorios, feared and downright incouragable “Morse Brothers” visited Chester Barrows School in Cranston as guests of “Gramma Muggle,” aka Pat Blackman, friend and fierce supporter of our troops and the Providence Fire Department. Her “Little Muggles” have been sending letters and treats to the soldiers in the 1207th for a while now, […]

Living with it

  I used to wonder why I spent years unable to get out of my own way, love my wife the way she deserved to be loved, laugh, cry or find joy in anything. I used to wonder why I stayed distant, and never let anybody too close. I used to be on the edge […]

Life Goes On… and it even gets better

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I knew that my new book, Mr. Wilson Makes it Home had value for my colleagues in Fire/EMS, but I couldn’t figure out how best to convey that message. I blundered around with obscure posts and descriptions of the book, and the response was pretty much exactly what was deserved; a big, giant yawn. Then, […]

Whoever said ” never volunteer” is an idiot

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Rest in peace, Uncle Tony, and thank you for your service to our country and your community.

Three at Three

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It’s three in the morning, back at my desk, the bunk becons but the hope of rest is just that, hope. Soon the tones will go off, and Rescue 1 will follow, and the night will go on.   The Homeless It’s late, I’m tired, the worst mankind has to offer has been paraded in […]


It is an awful place, the end of the road. At 0130 we entered through the front door, past the regulars, empty vodka bottles and spent cigarette butts leading the way. Some slept on benches, covered with little more than rags. Others stayed awake, staring into space. We wheeled the stretcher past them on the […]

Quotable Quotes

  “You are going to miss this. It will always be part of who you are, and who you were will always be a part of what EMS is.” ~Michael Morse    

You’re Gonna Miss This

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Ben at Uniform Stories asked me to write an article describing what people new to EMS would miss if it all went away. I started the article with a sneer, the sneer slowly faded as the realization of what it is really all about became clear, and before I knew it a smile had replaced […]