Life Goes On… and it even gets better

I knew that my new book, Mr. Wilson Makes it Home had value for my colleagues in Fire/EMS, but I couldn’t figure out how best to convey that message. I blundered around with obscure posts and descriptions of the book, and the response was pretty much exactly what was deserved; a big, giant yawn.teen
Then, a review appeared on Amazon from Greg Friese, who some of you already know from his work at Everyday EMS and now as Editor in Chief at EMS 1. Greg was able to capture the essence of what I have been trying to say since the book was released in February.
This book is significant for me, a new beginning has begun, I’m done with responding to 911 calls. I miss it terribly, to be honest, and the future is always a bit terrifying when forced to suddenly stop doing the work you love. But life goes on, and so shall I.
I hope you give the book a chance, I truly believe that my message will resound for everybody involved in this crazy world of responding to other people’s emergencies. Believe it or not, some day it will all be over for you, too, and a new life awaits, and it has the potential to be even better than the one you are living now.
As always, thanks for reading, and for all of the support these last eight years.
From Greg Friese…
“Mr. Wilson is the second dog I have known with the moniker, Mr. Wilson. Since I am a fan of unique dog names my fondness of this book was predetermined.I am also a long-time reader of Michael Morse’s articles and other books about his long career as an EMS captain for the Providence Fire Department. I also consider myself fortunate to become a friend of Michael’s…turning my fan crush into a friendship.

Mr. Wilson Makes it Home is a significant departure from Michael’s previous books. Michael is pushed aside as the primary character by a small charismatic fur ball from the deep south that makes the long journey as a rescued dog to Rhode Island. Throughout the process to adopt Mr. Wilson, acclimate him to a new home, and then become enamored by the charms of a lap dog Michael reflects on the personal and family toll of his career as an EMT and firefighter in a urban and over-burdened EMS system.

Readers of Rescuing Providence and Responding will probably share my joy that Morse, in retirement, is finding peace with the emotional darkness of his career and nurturing relationships with the people that he cares for most.

I recommend this book highly for dog lovers, as well as EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters nearing retirement or wondering what life will be like once they are on the other side of working. The adrenaline of responding to 911 calls helps push down a lot of emotions and stress that need to be dealt with sooner or later. As Michael finds opening his home, mind, and heart to a new member of the family is what he needed to make a house a home.

Note: I received a pre-publication review copy of this book from the publisher. In addition to the above disclaimers I am also the Editor-in-Chief for a website to which Michael contributes to frequently. That being said I am inundated with book review requests and able to read very few. I am glad to have taken the time to read Mr. Wilson Makes it Home.

I wish Michael, Cheryl, and Mr. Wilson all the best.”


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