Yesterday the once notorios, feared and downright incouragable “Morse Brothers” visited Chester Barrows School in Cranston as guests of “Gramma Muggle,” aka Pat Blackman, friend and fierce supporter of our troops and the Providence Fire Department. Her “Little Muggles” have been sending letters and treats to the soldiers in the 1207th for a while now, much appreciated I’m told. My brother, Bob did a great job entertaining the kids and answering an endless torrent of questions. He presented the school with a certificate of appreciation from his unit, signed by the big shots as well as a Muslim prayer rug embroidered with thanks from the 1207th in English and Arabic. Unfortunately a visit to Stone Hill School wasn’t possible due to time restraints, Bob presented Gramma Muggle with a certificate and prayer rug for them as well.

As I sat off to the side I was happy to let Bob have the spotlight. He and his fellow soldiers have earned all the praise and respect that comes their way. It was a good day for us and the kids as well. I think that seeing the person they wrote their letters to gave the kids a better understanding of the sacrifices being made by folks a lot like their own parents, aunts and uncles.


  • Anonymous says:

    A great big “Welcome Home” & THANK YOU to your brother…hope you enjoy your time together. Prayers continue for his safe return.Paula B

  • Grandma Muggle says:

    One of the nicest things about being “Grandma Muggle” is being able to help the children to understand the importance of those who serve others. I often hand them a paper with jokes written on it. We call them “groaners” or “sillies.” That they are bad jokes is a must. LOL. Any way. I then quote to them an old saying to which I have added a few words. “If you can read this, thank a teacher. Because you have the freedom to read it. Thank a soldier.”Thanks to SFC Robert Morse and his brother Michael of the Providence Fire Department for the privilege of making them smile and for making my Little Muggles smile as well. Every time I have prayed since I was a child I have ended my prayers by saying “Please protect those who protect us.”Those words have never meant more to me than they do now.I am honored to call “The incorribible Morse Brothers” my friends.Love , Pat AKA Grandma Muggle.

  • Anonymous says:

    Better late than never… I too am very proud of the “incorrigable” Morse Brothers, also my brothers. I love you guys. But why did you have to pick the most dangerous jobs in the world? I’ll feel better when you both retire and have desk jobs.Yea right!! Like that would ever happen. Love ya anyway, Melanie

  • Michael Morse says:

    Gramma Muggle passed away yesterday. She will be missed. Thoughts and prayers to Erin and the family, those still with us, and those who are with Pat now.

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