Haters Gonna Hate

I hate to admit it, but the social media “haters” get under haters21my skin. It’s not what they say that bugs me, rather their cowardly “hit and run” method of operation. I used to respond to the commentary that is generated by my more controversial posts. Now, I just let it go.

I write a lot of articles. Many of those articles are generated for the purpose of bringing attention to whichever publication I’m being paid to write for; “Click Bait” if you will. Truth is, I actually write mostly heartfelt, positive things that very few people read. It’s the nature of the beast, people respond to things that piss them off. Things they enjoy, they usually keep to themselves.

I compiled a list of some of what I consider my better pieces. These stories come without controversy, opinion or preaching. They’re just my response to what I see.

Thanks to Uniform Stories for publishing the list, and thanks too to EMS 1, EMS World, JEMS and  Fire Engineering for continuing to publish my articles, both controversial and not.



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