Respect and Admiration

I’ve been away from the daily grind of patient care for a while now, but still enjoy reading, writing and talking about Fire/EMS things. I keep this blog going because I think I still have valid things to share, and like to stay somewhat relevant in the field I worked in for decades.

Every now and then somebody from my past appears on one of my posts and simple blows me away:

Facebook Comment:

“Dan Levasseur I enjoy reading your posts. I worked as an emt-c and saw you at RIH often. I always respected they way you conducted yourself and treated patients like humans.”

smart emtI guess that just about sizes things up for me. I enjoyed what I did, and was pretty good at it. I write a lot of things and seldom get into the technical aspects of the job. That knowledge is somewhere in the old noggin, it just doesn’t seem all that important to me to write about protocols, ROSC rates, drug administration, CPR updates, 12-lead interpretation and the rest.

Sometimes I think that I should blow my own horn a little and write some stuff that I barely understand, research the topic to make myself look smart and post it, hopefully to gain the respect and admiration of the EMS world at large.

Then a guy like Dan brings me to my senses, and I think about what mattered most to me, and decide I already have all the respect I need.

Thanks Dan.


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