Now I Worry

We think we’re bulletproof, protected by invisible borders that somehow keep us safe. People get killed “over there” not here. We say what we want, do what we want and think what we want.


Unless a maniac with hate in his heart and guns in his hands decides to end all that. Then those invisible borders fall like the bodies that they failed to protect, while the rest of us wonder when will it end, or if it will end.


fanaticsOnly a few maniacs started the Nazi Party. The Russian Revolution that made it possible for Stalin to rise to power began with a book by Karl Marx. Pol Pot and his followers were the vast minority in Cambodia but managed to stack millions of peace loving dead people on top of one another.

I don’t want to die at the hands of a movement begun by lunatics. I don’t want to be beheaded by the terrorist who was captured by the FBI a few weeks ago, as he planned with two others to behead a lady who spoke her mind. I still can’t believe he lived a half mile from my house, and plotted with his terrorist friends from Boston at the same beach where I go to find peace and serenety.


What’s worse is now I worry about saying things, and writing things about the scum that is ISIS. That these douchebags have managed to get in my head was inconceivable a few weeks ago.

I worry about American kids living in their mother’s  basements, jerking off to porn half the day and playing mass murderer with their video games the rest.

Now, I worry. And that is no way to live like an American.

Thoughts and prayers to the Marines and sailor who lost their lives in Chattanooga,  and to rhe people who lost their lives in South Carolona, and peace and closure to the people in Aurora, and the kids in Connecticut, the Soldiers at Fort Hood, Congresswoman Giffords, the students at Virginia Tech…


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