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Rescuing Providence


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In the twelve years I was a Rescue Officer in Providence I’ve had 2 female partners a Hispanic partner, a Jewish Partner, a Black partner, an Irish partner , an Asian partner and a Troglodyte. With the exception of the Troglodyte, each and every one of them has done the job and done it well. Some have strengths in one place, others are strong in other places, but all in all I could not have asked for better people to work with.


If it were not for the opportunity I’ve had to work in Rhode Island’s Capitol City, I never would have been exposed to so many different kinds of people. I’ve found that we are definitely different, no doubt about it. We look different, act different and respond different. No matter how different we are, though, we are the same.


It is our differences that make things interesting. The world is full of interesting people, and the more of them you meet, the more you realize just how different we are. Funny thing is, race, sex, religion and color have nothing to do with it. I have more in common with my partners than I do most of my family.


We are drawn to a vocation, and in that vocation we find ourselves. It is in Rescue 1 that I have found my place, even if it looks like a United Nations convention most days.


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  • Susan Sangster says:

    Hi Mike- I am contacting you because my Dad, a WWII veteran, a former call man on the Warwick Fire Dept, a 37 year cancer survivor, a husband of 65 years, a Dad of two daughters, a “Poppy” to five grandchildren and eight and 1/2 great grandchildren is interested in obtaining your book “Rescuing Providence.”It may be of interest to you that my Great uncle, Arthur Selley was a Chief of the North Kingstown Fire Department back in the 1960’s. Please contact me with info. in regard to your book. My Dad also talks about the book “Mr. Wilson Got Home.” I’d appreciate any assistance obtaining these books for my Dad… Thanks in advance! If you met my Dad he is one of a kind….it’s his 89th birthday today and he’d like to read these publications!
    Cheers for a great rest of your day! Sue Sangster

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