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Entry Img So I’m thinking, (something I do from time to time) and it occurred to me how easily the problem of transporting psych patients, combative patients and intoxicated patients could be solved. If we trained a police officer as an EMT, or an EMT as a police officer, and teamed them up as the Psychological […]

A firefighter who can’t drink?

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It kind of sucks being a firefighter who can’t drink alcoholic beverages. On second thought, it doesn’t suck at all! What really sucked was being a firefighter who had to sneak, hide, lie, pretend, and be a slave to a chemical. Getting sober was the smartest thing I ever did. Fourteen years in a couple […]


Entry Img I wrote an article about the people who cover the news a few years ago. I remember pulling away from fire-murder-dead baby-body parts found- fatal accident scenes, and seeing the reporters in my rear view mirror. Often it was a person reporting and another taping. Two people left with the ghosts, smells, sights and […]

Not Easy, (excerpt from “City Life,” Release date TBA soon)

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My new book, City Life is under production with Post Hill Press, to be distributed by Simon and Shuster, and should be released at the end of the year. Here is the first excerpt from the book…   It looked like he was walking under water. His frustration was obvious, the cause was not. They […]

Dropping the Armor

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I used to wonder if I was nuts. Four days a week, year after year I was surrounded with people sick, greviously injured, drunk, dying, psychotic, or dead. And those were the people I worked with, never mind the patients!   I used to worry;  why doesn’t  this bother me? How can I treat a […]

Inciting Racial Unrest

Entry Img|main5|dl3|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D-342881396 The headline made me cringe. I read the rest and wanted to puke. How in the world do we let the media get away with this stuff? Inciting racial division used to be taboo, now its perfectly acceptable in the eyes of many news outlets, AOL just happens to be one of them. More […]

Public Restroom Confessions

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Jeremy Brooks/Flickr When I took a promotion and was transferred from Engine Co. 9 to Rescue Co. 1, one of the busiest EMS units in the city, I learned right quick how much I missed the familiar firehouse bathroom. To some, the firehouse bathroom is the cesspool of the universe. For the people who seldom […]

Doing the Job

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DOING THE JOB 08/13/2015   By Michael Morse From It was a two-story cinderblock construction, commercial, unoccupied structure on a busy city street at 4:50 in the afternoon. Quitting time was 5 p.m. Smoke poured from the roof, and fire was visible on side 2. Lieutenant Steve Schora was out of the officer’s seat […]

Rescuing Providence and Rescue 1 Responding Now Available

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Rescuing Providence and Responding are now available on Amazon and other retailers for $5.99. The books have been re-issued by Post Hill Press, and will be also be available in print January, 2016.   Here’s what people are saying about the books:   Inspiring Great book! Inspires my Fire/ EMS career Published 1 month ago […]

Active Shooter Course

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Due to the recent upsurge in active shooter incidents, the folks here at Rescuing Providence, in an effort to keep ALL EMT’s, Paramedics and Firefighters safe have developed an online course to prepare the aforementioned job descriptions responding to active shooter incidents alive.   The course is simple. Follow these five easy steps:     […]

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