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The headline made me cringe. I read the rest and wanted to puke. How in the world do we let the media get away with this stuff? Inciting racial division used to be taboo, now its perfectly acceptable in the eyes of many news outlets, AOL just happens to be one of them.

More racial unrest in St. Louis after police kill black suspect

St. Louis police fatally shot a black teenager on Wednesday who they say pointed a gun at them, and later faced angry crowds, reigniting racial tensions first sparked by the killing of an unarmed black teen in another Missouri town a year ago.

“Dotson said at a late Wednesday press conference some aaaprotesters threw bricks and glass bottles at officers, who used shields to protect themselves and then tear gas to disperse the crowd. A car was set on fire and some local businesses had reported robbery attempts, he said.”

When a man, as defined by the laws of OUR land points a gun a police officers he is no longer a black teenager. He’s a deadly weapon intent on killing people.

How a protest begins following such a tragic incident is beyond me. Instead of throwing bricks, how about this: mourn the dead, shake your head at another lost soul who chose a life of crime, pick up the pieces and do your best to set an example for the living.

And speaking of setting an example, perhaps the news might take the lead, and if they must report something, report this:

“Four police officers responding to the scene of a crime were met by a criminal pointing a gun at them, the officers responded appropriately and the criminal was killed. A group of other criminals were arrested after an ill-advised protest erupted.”




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