Children of the Providence Fire Department

In an alleged attempt to cut overtime costs, the Mayor of Providence implemented a new platoon structure, forced his firefighters-some of the busiest in the country- to increase their work week by 14 hours, barely compensated. With mandatory overtime most Providence Firefighters are now ghosts to their families.

Providence City Hall-Full of Firefighters

Providence City Hall-Full of Firefighters

The Providence Fire Department COULD be a mess, the rank and file COULD bow their heads, and follow their leader, the Mayor of Providence like defeated little lemmings, and I could be witnessing the destruction of the department I love.

Instead, the members of Local 799, old and new, have come together unlike anything I have seen in my twenty-four years, and are fighting back, honorably, relentlessly and with dignity.

I remain proud to be part of them.

In Omnia Paratus.

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