I wrote the following when I was nearing the end of my run. I never did get what I wanted. The people I left behind, the ones working on the streets of Providence with one day off a week are struggling. Morale is everything, take that away and things just get worse. Things couldn’t get much worse for the present Providence firefighters.

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza’s misguided plan to destroy the Providence Fire Department to save a few bucks on overtime costs  has dramatically backfired. The plan will in all likelihood lead to Elorza’s premature removal from the helm of the sinking ship Providence, along with his First Mate Commissioner of Public Safety Stephen Pare.

The day to day grind on a busy urban fire department is difficult enough; add to that the contempt and disrespect shown to the city’s front line First Responders by the current administration and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

It is imperative that the people responding to emergencies be focused, motivated and in peak physical and mental health. The Mayor and Commissioner are going to have a lot of explaining to do, unless they come to their senses, swallow their pride and restore “D” Group.


The Beatings will Continue Untill Morale Improves

The Beatings will Continue Untill Morale Improves

I want to feel it. Feel the thrill again, feel something.

I want to look forward to coming to work.

I want the people I work with to look forward to coming to work.

I want the people who work at four of the five hospitals I go to stop asking “why did you bring them here?”

I want the people who call to need us.

I want the people who send us to be able to say no to the people who don’t need us.

I want to iron my uniform again, use a little starch, shine the Lieutenants bars, polish the shoes.

I want it to feel like it used to, when it all was new, and nothing bothered me.

I want to stop complaining.

I want to stop having things to complain about.

I want to find the good in the bad.I want this to be a profession I can be proud of.

I want to stop ignoring the people in my truck.

I want to want to take every call.

I want nobody to call.

I don’t know what I want.


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  • Chris Baumgardner says:

    Brother I hear you on everything your saying whatever happened to the days when you could come to work and do just that come to work do your job and do a good job and not have to worry about bull crap from command staff getting in your business or making your job harder then it has to be. I work part-time now for a disfunctional EMS service that is just this way our morale is so bad around there that words can’t describe it example being trucks that aren’t properly maintained or sometimes not even safe to transport patients in, street staff that aren’t properly trained or released to early to the streets and overall command staff that won’t listen or do anything for you or your fellow employees that is with in reason, so I completely understand where your coming from with your frustration all I can say is keep performing the job and duties that the good Lord has blessed you with and know that you and I and every other front line first responder out there is making that difference or at least attempting to make a difference in some sick or destitute persons life.
    Chris B. NREMT-P

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