Closing Companies

This weekend the Mayor of Providence allowed two engine companies and two ladder companies to be put out of service, as well as short staffing other vehicles. He claims that Providence firefighters purposely avoided work, and thus will be prosecuted.

Nice work, Mayor Elorza. Always a good strategy to veer scrutiny away from yourself and your failed policies. By demonizing the firefighters public perception will focus on the greedy firefighters, and you can go about your business.

EMPEROR_S_NEW_CLOTHES_LARGEProblem is, the accusations are lies. There were firefighters in the stations willing to work the overtime shifts. The city could have been properly staffed had the resources available been utilized. No companies needed to be closed, and the 94 minimum manning could have been met. What the city did was to bring from the dead a contract stipulation that prohibits firefighters to work over thirty-eighty hours. Apparently, having a rescue Captain work ninety-six hours a few weeks ago was not a problem.

In a bold move to show the taxpayers and residents of Providence that the firefighters are the enemy public safety was compromised. The mayor and his staff’s ethics are now proven to be less than desirable, and Providence continues to spiral out of control.

Trying to lie your way out of a failed policy is never a good idea. The truth always prevails, sometimes it takes a little longer, but times like these, when the lies are so blatantly obvious is not one of those times. The Emperor is truly without clothes here in Providence, and it won’t be long before everybody sees exactly how naked he is.

I just hope he doesn’t kill somebody before the people take action.

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