Who Better than Us?

Who better than Us?

Who better than Us?

…Each and every one of us represents the rest. Every time we do things right we give a gift to everybody in EMS; the dispatchers, the first responders, the EMTs, the paramedics, the emergency room docs, nurses and techs, the firefighters and the cops.

By giving our best, we get back far more than we give. Every person who shines as a caregiver is a direct reflection on all of us. Every act of compassion and courage done by one of us finds its way into the rest and EMS as a whole benefits.

“Leave a light on, fellas,” he says with a grin.

He’s breathing much better now and begins to relax. Every second that passes his condition improves, but we know all too well that what we have done this night won’t last forever. He needs help that we cannot provide.

He rests on the stretcher and breathes in the air of human companionship. That alone has made a difference. The trip is a short one, but not without cheer, for the person who needed help has received it, and the ones giving that help got far more in return.

The spirit of Christmas — giving to and care for others — is alive and well. The spirit resides in each and every one of us. It is up to us to let it in, and more importantly, to let it out.


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