Some gift ideas

If you have been looking for a gift for somebody on your list who enjoys reading, may I suggest one of my books?

Rescuing Providence is the first book I wrote, it was published in 2007 by Paladin Press. Some have Rescuing Providence coversaid that it helped them decide to pursue a career in emergency services, which was for me one of the greatest gifts imaginable.









Rescue 1 Responding, originally published by Emergency Publishing is the sequel to Rescuing Providence and has managed to have a life of its own. I wrote the the books as one nearly ten years ago, forced beyond my control shaped the original manuscript ino two distinct works with a common theme.








twoI hope that if anybody has read one or the other they consider ordering the two which have been given a new life by Post Hill Press, distributed by Simon and Shuster and available as a set on January 26, 2016.








City Life is something I am extremely proud of; the stories in this collection of very short stories began as blog posts, most written within minutes of their happening, while the sights, smells and emotions were still fresh on my mind.





Mr Wilson Makes it Home is a goodbye of sorts from my firefighting days, as life moves on, and the coverstresses of the job recede, and I begin looking forward to what my life has waiting for me. My wife and I adopted a little pooch from Arkansas, and the story of the people who helped make the newest member of the Morse’s is one I loved telling.

All of the books are available as e-books, which helps with gift giving, simply follow the link I have provided for whichever book you choose, follow the directions on Amazon and the books will be delivered to the person you bought it for in their e-mail. You can even set it up so the person gets the book on Christmas Morning! Best part? The books are $5.99, except for Mr. Wilson, which is a little more but not by much.

Thanks for all of the support over the years, please share this post with anybody you think might be interested, and best wishes for a fantastic Christmas Season!

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