Making Spirits bright, (even sick ones!)

Here’s an idea for those unfortunately working on Christmas  Eve and or Christmas  Day; spend a few bucks, fill a sack with goodies and turn your patient’s frowns upside down when they get an unexpected  gift from the last people they expected one from.

When you give a little you get a lot!

Unexpected  gifts

Unexpected gifts

She reached into her purse, dug deep and found what she was looking for.


“You’ve been very nice, I want you to have this.”


I looked around, made sure nobody was looking and conspiratorially took her offering.


“I really shouldn’t, we’re not supposed to take gifts.”


“You deserve it,” she said, then went to sit next to her ninety-three year old sister, who we had just brought in. Another sister stood nearby, watching everything. We had just left their house, the one they had lived in since birth. Their father built the place, in the North End, back when the family garden took up two lots. Now, those fertile fields are filled with more houses, and more people, most of whom don’t give “the old ladies” the time of day.


“Make sure you give some to the other man,” she said. “He was nice too.”


Back in the truck we split up the bounty. There were five altogether, I took three and gave John two. Rank has its privileges.


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